MILK SNOW BINGSU 눈꽃빙수

Bingsu has been a favourite food to eat in the blistering hot Korean summer, shaved milk and assorted toppings is perfect way to cool off.

O’ma spoon Bingsu (눈꽃빙수) is unique and healthier than any other summer treats. Our Bingsu is made of FRESH MILK, NOT ICE! It’s not only tasting great, but they are also good for your health and beauty with real fruit toppings and natural ingredients directly imported from Korea.

Bingsu has been perfect for sweating out the summer heat in Korea. Combined with a modern twist, our Bingsu is delicate, soft, snowy.. melts in your mouth just like WINTER SNOW!!

Have a head freeze in a way you like!


Injeolmi Bingsu

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Injeolmi Bingsu


  Injeolmi is chewy rice cake covered in a yellow roasted bean powder. Small pieces of rice cake well go with other natural ingredients. It’s the top-selling bingsu in Korea so worth to try at least once and you will be a big fan of bingsu!



Soy bean powder, Rice cake, Almond, Fluffy Mik Flake 





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